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Juliet Music and Art Center Studio Policies

Attendance: Students attending lessons at Juliet are expected to attend their lessons on a weekly basis, with the time and day he/she is scheduled for. Students should arrive at their lessons in a timely manner with prepared music or instruments. Our studio can supply books or certain instruments if a student forgets, but students are strongly recommended to bring their own purchased materials to the lesson. If a student arrives late to a lesson, he/she can only complete the remainder of the time.


Recitals: At Juliet Music and Art Center, our recitals are not just events, but cherished opportunities for our students to showcase their musical talents! While participation is entirely voluntary, our passionate staff enthusiastically encourages every student to share their musical journey. 


These enchanting recitals are held in captivating outside venues, adding a touch of grandeur to the experience. Students, guided by their dedicated teachers, will prepare one or two musical selections to captivate the audience and shine in the spotlight. 


Our musical celebrations unfold in both Winter and Spring with specific dates to be announced, creating moments to look forward to as our students delight the audiences with their performances.


Make-up lessons/Absences: At Juliet Music and Art Center, we understand that unexpected moments can sometimes impact our scheduled lessons. We graciously excuse absences due to vacations, illness, or emergencies, provided that clients give us a heads-up with a notice of 72 hours to one week in advance. An excused absence won't result in a missed lesson fee!


While we encourage students to arrange make-up lessons for any missed sessions, availability can be limited as our time slots tend to fill up swiftly. Please note, we cannot guarantee that a make-up lesson will be conducted by the assigned instructor due to availability or studio hours.

Unfortunately, absences without prior notice won't be eligible for make-up lessons. Students who are absent for more than two weeks without notifying our office in advance may risk losing their coveted time slot to another student.

We will work closely with you to select a new schedule that accommodates your musical journey and ensures continuity in your lessons.


Returning Students: Students who have taken a musical hiatus due to vacation and are eager to resume their lessons are in for a treat at Juliet Music and Art Center! To embark on the next chapter of their musical journey, returning students must reach out to our office to discuss their desired resumption date and explore available time slots.

Please note, our instructors have limited availability, and our lesson slots are in high demand! To ensure a smooth transition back into the rhythm of lessons, we encourage returning students to notify our office as soon as possible of their intent to resume their musical studies at Juliet.


Practice Habits: At Juliet Music and Art Center, we encourage our students to embrace the joy of daily practice to truly flourish in their musical endeavors! Depending on the level or complexity of their repertoire, we recommend dedicating at least five days a week to honing their musical skills at home.

To cultivate a consistent and effective practice routine, we suggest setting a fixed practice time that aligns with a student's daily schedule. By establishing this dedicated practice time, students not only nurture their musical talents but also foster disciplined and effective practice habits that will serve them well on their musical journey.


Instructor Absence: The instructors of Juliet Music and Art Center reserves the right to miss lessons due to illness/emergencies or professional commitments. The studio may also hire a substitute during the time of absence.


Lesson termination: The Juliet staff office reserves the right to terminate lesson bookings due to excess absences from the student(s), including those with no notice in advance. The office will then give the time slot permanently to another student. The Juliet office reserves the right to terminate student lessons due to unpaid tuition. No refunds will be issued upon termination.


Tuition payment:

At Juliet Music and Art Center, we're delighted to welcome our new students with a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $45. However, if a student refers a friend who also registers for lessons, we waive the registration fee for the friend!


Embark on your musical journey with our trial lesson, priced at $35 for a 30-minute session. Following this introductory experience, students can select from a variety of lesson packages—whether monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly—and choose between 30-minute, 45-minute, or 1-hour sessions to suit their learning pace.


For a detailed overview of our lesson rates, simply click on the tuition tab. We offer flexible payment methods including cash, check, credit card, or Zelle. Plus, students opting for cash payments are in for a treat with a 2% discount!


We're pleased to offer a 5% siblings discount on tuition fees for the second sibling, if applicable. Please note, tuition payments are due at the start of each billing cycle, following the completion of 4, 12, or 24 lessons.


While we cherish every moment spent making music, please be aware that unexcused absences will not be credited or reimbursed, at the discretion of our office. This policy also applies to absences without prior notification.


To ensure the quality and sustainability of our programs, the Juliet center reserves the right to adjust tuition fees as needed.


Parent participation: A parent may attend and quietly observe a lesson if desired. Instructors reserve the right to ask a parent to leave a lesson should their presence alter the quality of the lesson. The Juliet center encourages parents to participate in student practice at home.


Office hours: At Juliet Music and Art Center, our hours of operation are from 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm, Monday through Friday, and from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on Saturdays. Please note, our hours are subject to changes to better serve our musical community. or call 718-268-8878 to schedule a visit.

The Juliet center is looking to open lessons on Sundays. We close on the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and Memorial Day.

For prospective clients eager to explore the musical wonders awaiting at our studio, we invite families to reach out via email to arrange a visit and discover the harmonious world of Juliet Music and Art Center.

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