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Our Summer camp is filled with and engaging activities including Art, field trips, outdoor activities, and cooking classes throughout the summer! 

**Registration is now open for Pre-k through 5th grade**

Summer Program at Juliet Music and Art Center Policies


The summer program at Juliet aims to serve children who are entering public school for grades K through fifth grade. The program is led by experienced instructors and instructors with certification. Our schedule includes academic tutoring in math, reading, and writing as well as small group activities that include arts and crafts, cooking classes and outdoor activities if weather permits. Our program aims to challenge children in their academic capabilities through planned activities that may involve group instructions with other children.


Parents may decide the number of days and hours of stay for the summer program. During the program, students will learn to develop social skills and rapport with the staff of Juliet. They will learn to follow a school routine based on a fixed schedule of academic tutoring and occasional free time. Students will also learn to follow group instruction with other kids in a classroom. Our classroom themes center around children learning to respect one another, to listen when adults are speaking and to develop proper classroom etiquette.


Days of operation

Our Summer camp commences in the first week of July and is currently in operation until the first day of the calendar school year. Our early drop off time is 8:00am, our scheduled program will begin at 9:00am with a dismissal time of 5:00pm, daily. We operate our summer program from Monday through Friday. Incoming clients may register at anytime by emailing or calling 718-268-8878 to inquire. Families will have the option for extended hours, if necessary, with additional charges.


Summer Program Rates

Families have the option to enroll their children for the number of days, hours, and weeks of their choice. Our discounted prices are available for students who register before June 1. The summer program tuition is non-fundable after July 1, when the program has commenced. The rates can be found on the chart below:





























Students will also have the choice to add musical or art lessons to their summer program on a once-a-week session. Students must be within the summer camp hours to receive a discount on the music or art lesson which will subtract $5.00 from each visit. The overall tuition is calculated based on the number of hours, weeks, and days and/if a child includes music/art lessons and a $45 one-time non-refundable registration for incoming clients. The Juliet staff office will send an invoice to each individual family. Payment methods include cash, check, credit card or Zelle. No refunds will be issued after the first week of the camp from the start date.

Cooking classes

The aim of the cooking class is to provide children with a fun activity while making different foods. This class can be arranged on some weeks. Children are not required to bring supplies, it will be available at the studio.

Scheduling music classes

Music lessons can be scheduled during summer camp hours but is not available in the morning. Our staff will be available for the music lesson from 2:30 and after. Scheduling will be based on student and instructor availability. If a lesson is to be scheduled past the summer camp hours, for example, a student signs up to leave after three hours, the student will have to revisit the studio. The Juliet Studio will not be offering morning lessons.


Summer Program field trips

The Juliet center will arrange field trips. In this event, parents will be asked to sign a permission slip if they agree to allow their child to participate in the trip. Parents will also need to pay a trip fee in advance, if applicable. The permission slip will also grant the studio permission from the parent: to allow travel through public transportation, parents can choose to accommodate their child. Parents may choose to accommodate their child on the trip.


Birthday Parties/Special Events

Children may choose to bring small treats to the Juliet center to celebrate birthdays. Parents must inform the office in advance of the children’s birthday in advance by emailing or calling at 718-268-8878.


Absence/Cancellation Policy

The Juliet Center will not issue a refund or credit who students who are absent from our summer camp. Families should notify the center in advance should a child be absent for any specified reason(s).

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