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Art Class: How does it work?

Our art classes are designed to be personalized to each students. Every student can choose what they want to create, with support of an experienced art teacher. Students will be able to choose their medium, if they would like to sketch, paint with watercolor or on canvas, crayons, clay etc. In this class, there is freedom for each student to create what they want!

Juliet Music and Art provides all the materials (pencils, crayons, clay, easels, canvases etc.) for a small material fee. Our room is perfect for small group classes or private lessons. We have a array of unique and different objects to study from, as well as books for studying. We have two programs perfect for beginners. Choose between 1 hour, 1.5 hour or 2 hours classes.

Kids Art focuses on learning shape, size, colors, counting and hand steadiness in creative ways. Kids art help promote new ideas while being inspire by real life. This helps young kids build a visual library of everything in the world! A visual library is collection of memories that can be stored in one’s mind. For an examples, if we observed a pigeon and draw it, the more we can understand it and store that information in our mind! This class is hands-on, fun and casual, while still learning techniques such as color mixing, blending and story-telling.

This class is recommended for kids between Pre K – 3rd Grade for 1 hour.

Advanced Art focuses on classical techniques in drawing for more serious students. Our students will first learn about drawing pencils. They are completely different from school pencils! The extreme basics of drawing is shape, proportions, value and perspective so we first help students develop a strong core foundation to prepare for more ambitious projects. After getting a good understanding of sketching, students will learn from master reference books of still life. Learning from others’ artwork help students learn what makes the art successful. Steadily, students can try different mediums such as acrylic paint, oil pastel and printmaking.

Once a core understanding is developed, students will then be able to create their own original art by setting up their own still life to draw! A still life is a setup of objects, strategically placed to look interesting with a narrative. Students will also pull from multiple references to create a one-of-a-kind art piece that represents them. Students can get as creative, using any medium they wish.

Artworks will take more than one class, therefore is left in the studio for the next lesson.

Painting will be left in the studio to dry and be picked up next lesson!

Every student will receive a large folder to keep all their artworks together.

With instructions and patience, a strong portfolio can be developed for school admissions and contests.

This class is recommended for students 4th grade and older, or with a strong interest in pursuing art. Classes are usually 1 hour or longer.

Our art classes are flexible, from traditional drawing, to cartooning and anime. Students can practice by drawing anything that inspires them!


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