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Introduction to Piano Classes

Piano classes at Juliet Music and Art aim to tailor to the students' needs from basic note reading, fundamentals of music theory and exposure to various musical genres. Each student can develop their own musical learning through motivating learning environments with our experienced instructors. As students, it is important to set the right goals to helps students stay motivated as they are learning.

The Purpose of the Piano Class

For some people, piano class could be a hobby, a dream or something to enjoy. But what is the purpose of the Piano class? Each student will have their own reasons for enrolling in a piano class. Some students may want to learn to play beautiful classical or to learn this skill to be applied in future educational endeavors such as auditions for performing arts schools or musical examinations. For some students, piano class can be a refresher course for those who have learned but stopped because their previous instructors retired, relocated or finished their early semester. Piano class is a collaborative effort with students and instructors to create a fun learning environment while making music. Some students may come from musical families so the student may want take their musical talents beyond.

Benefits of Playing Piano

The piano has been regarded as a widely popular instrument amongst beginners and advanced musicians. It can benefit the player and to those who listen to music. Learning to play piano can help develop motor and coordination skills. Additionally, playing with both hands can also help with hand-eye coordination. Playing the piano teaches different skills such as concentration and memory. Student will need to remember which keys to press and along with the order and sequence of keys. For some students, playing the piano can be a way to relieve stress while enjoying relaxing music. Playing the piano can develop cognitive skills while serving as a way to destress oneself while enjoying music.

Our Goals for Adult and Child Musicians

Each student will have specific goals for their piano class. This can include wanting to learn a favorite song by practicing a certain amount of minutes each day. Some students might desire popular music or classical backgrounds. Most importantly, students are looking to learn a new musical instrument along with their enjoyment of their favorite musical genres.

Goals will vary from beginner through intermediate/advanced students. Beginner students will want to learn the fundamentals of music theory. This includes naming notes on the keyboard as well as naming notes on the staff. Fundamentals will also include learning to sit properly with the correct playing posture.

Intermediate or advanced students may desire to audition for performing arts institutions or to take evaluation exams to see juror feedback on musical standings.

Measuring Your Goals

At first, certain goals may be challenging to set. Here are some pointers to ease the challenge of what a student wishes to accomplish in a piano class:

The first approach, which genre does a student wish to pursue? A standard musical genre will reinforce standard staff reading. Some students might share taste in Classical or prefer to learn a popular tune from pop culture.

What are the expectations for the student? Are there additional desires to expanding the music genres and beyond?

Commitment is another challenging aspect of measuring ones goals. Is Piano class long term or to see if a student has interest? Are the goals valued enough for one to invest a long term commitment? Some goals can be shorter and achievable on a weekly basis. Attainability, does the student have a piano accessible for everyday practice? Will the student schedule their practice regularly and has the student been playing for several years?

A discussion with the instructor discussing your specific goals will further reinforce that a piano class is indeed a collaborative effort of meeting goals and making music. When the match is perfect, we suggest the student to enroll in a piano class!

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