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Sunday Music lessons with Ms. Mercedes Lovera for Violin/Piano

Mrs. Mercedes Lovera is a distinguished musician and educator with an international background in music performance, and pedagogy. She holds a Master's degree as a Pianist and Violin.

Music Pedagogy from the esteemed Royal Conservatory of Madrid, Spain, where she honed her skills as both a pianist and an educator.

As a versatile violinist, Mrs. Lovera was a valued member of the Simon Bolivar National Symphony Orchestra, participating in numerous tours across Latin America, the US, and Central Europe. Her passion for chamber music led her to further her studies at the Mozarteum University of Vienna in Salzburg, Austria, where she specialized in piano and participated in tours spanning Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and Portugal.

Mrs. Lovera's dedication to education is evident in her academic achievements. She earned a Master's degree in Pedagogy and Didactics, allowing her to deepen her knowledge in various teaching methods and approaches. Her commitment to early childhood musical education led her to manage a Pre-infant Orchestral Program as part of "El Sistema," a renowned music education program.

As a composer, Mrs. Lovera has crafted musical works specifically tailored for children aged 5 to 7, which have been performed by orchestras under her direction. Her compositions reflect her deep understanding of young learners' musical needs and abilities.

Before settling in New York, Mrs. Lovera served on the staff of the Department of Music and Dramatic Arts at Westminster College in London, UK. Her exceptional teaching abilities were further recognized when she was awarded for Best Instruction during her tenure at the Pacony Conservatory in Jackson Heights.

Currently, Mrs. Lovera's teaching focus at the Juliet Music and Art Center is on piano and violin instruction across various levels. She is dedicated to nurturing her students' technical skills, as well as fostering their expressive and interpretative capacities, ensuring a well-rounded musical education for each student under her guidance.

Mrs. Mercedes Lovera's extensive experience, combined with her passion for music education, makes her a valued member of our team at the Juliet Music and Art Center. We are honored to have such a talented and dedicated educator shaping the musical journeys of our students.

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1 Comment

Genesis Acosta Lovera
Genesis Acosta Lovera
Jun 01

W O W !!!

I honestly have no words to describe how proud i am of having such an inspired, passionate and loving mom.

She has been the best example since i have memory, to never give up and always do what i love; no matter how hard or how long it can be.


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