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Voice Lesson with Ms. Antonia Szilagi

Anticipated Components of a Voice Lesson:

  1. Engaging Respiratory Exercises Tailored for Learners: Customized breathing routines designed to intrigue and captivate the attention of young participants, fostering a foundation of fundamental vocalization.

  2. Vocal Warm-Ups: vocalizations meticulously crafted to align with pitch precision, facilitating the discovery of an authentic vocal timbre. These exercises serve to cultivate a resonant tone quality, ensuring vocal production remains uninhibited and devoid of strain or breathiness. They aim to expand vocal range and seamlessly bridge vocal registers, mitigating any discernible breaks within the voice.

  3. Repertoire Development: Selecting age-appropriate musical selections that resonate with the student's sensibilities, drawing from a diverse array of genres such as Broadway tunes, Disney melodies, and folk songs in the child's native tongue. This curated repertoire not only sustains engagement but also serves as a vehicle for vocal exploration and artistic expression.

  4. Introduction to Music Literacy and Vocal Technique: Initiating the acquisition of music-reading proficiency and acquainting students with rudimentary sight-singing and solfeggio methodologies (utilizing the solfege syllables do-re-mi). Embracing these pedagogical approaches not only enriches cognitive faculties but also fosters the development of future musicianship. Additionally, rudimentary keyboard skills may be introduced to complement vocal instruction.

  5. Implementation of Strategic At-Home Practice Regimens: Crafting a pragmatic and achievable strategy for independent practice outside the classroom environment. Leveraging contemporary technological tools such as voice memos or karaoke tracks, tailored exercises and materials are disseminated to parents to facilitate structured practice sessions. Establishing a dedicated time and conducive environment for at-home practice reinforces discipline and fosters continued progress.

For parents navigating their child's preparatory auditions, open communication with the instructor regarding specific requirements is encouraged, ensuring tailored guidance and support throughout the preparatory journey.


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