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Voice Lesson at Juliet

What to expect at a voice lesson:

1. Fun Breathing exercises - adapted for children.  

2. Vocalizes (warm ups) to match pitches, discover authentic voice, establish a good tone quality (not strained or "breathy"), build range, smooth over registers (breaks in the voice)

3.Singing songs.  Learn age appropriate repertoire that appeals to the student (Broadway for children, Disney songs, folk songs in English child's native language) 

4. Learning to read music and introduce sight singing and solfeggio (do-re-mi).  This is a brain enhancing benefit.  5 minutes during a lesson can help build future musicianship. Keyboard skills can also be introduced.

5. Realistic strategy for at home practice.  Voice memos or karaoke will be emailed or sent to parents to enable at home practice.  Establishing a time and place for at home practice. 

For children preparing for school entrance exams, or auditions of any sort, parents can communicate with teacher regarding the requirements.  

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