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Welcome to After School!

At Juliet Music and Art, our afterschool program serves to foster education of children of all ages. We engaging lessons focusing on positive youth development, improvement in academic based skills, and classroom behavior skills.

The afterschool program aims to help students who need guidance in homework help, tutoring on phonics/diction or reading and test prep. For an example, a student may want to improve their reading level. There are approachable ways to improve a reading level such as reading certain number of books with the student and reading out loud to the instructor. Reading aloud benefits the student from learning enunciation and recognition of vowels and consonants. Our small group afterschool program brings close attention to the needs of our students, whether it is reading, math, grammar, etc.

The Benefits of the Afterschool Program

Juliet Music and Art provides a broad range of activities including the reinforcement of classroom rules, collaborative group art activities and being able to connect with other students. Afterschool staff can further hone a children's skills upon learning where their strengths and weaknesses are. Using SEL as building skills to develop healthy identities, manage emotions, achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships and make responsible and caring decisions.

Starting The Year Right!

With busy work schedules, it leaves questions on how children can be fostered when the parents are away. In our afterschool program, every child will receive additional support and help when the regular school day is over. With our care and help, each student will further their academic skills that can carry throughout their regular school year. With the additional support from us, students will have fun will studying and socialized with instructors and other students, which can result in positive outcomes such as improved grades and improved connectivity with learning environments. Overall, we are passionate in helping our young students and look forward to their successes!


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